Mornin’  Today’s prompt is to write about a picture.  I have some beautiful water colours I took pictures of by Jackie Landry.  I choose one of hers as I told her so long ago that I wanted to give poetic voice to her lovely art.  so… To you Jackie I dedicate this.


I hear the horizon call

Through the grey cast of gloom

A slit of golden a rising flame

It heats my want.  A slow tease

of restless sends a shiver in

the brew of the storm licks

my face, tosses my hair.


There is caress in the danger

I feel it stroke at my edges

like the lap of waves at my scow

that glides out to the deep sea

Sails set to be grabbed by

winds assault to feel the spray

of salt sting my flesh


I am open like the sea

Held to the tides of being

Wrapped in the wrath of storm

Settled by the setting sun

Diving into myself to find myself

And just out there is a slice of gold

That is the end of my rainbow 







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