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Sippy the brew… let it tumble on through.  Mornin’  Poetry prompt today… write a lullaby.  That means something sweet and tender, all soft and rhythmic.  I was slammin’ yesterday and today I’m gonna follow the prompt and go to my sweet place. I might have to forage around inside my heart for a minute, not to say that sweetness doesn’t rise up in me often, it’s just that I tend to polka dot it with humor and distraction.


Shh my sweet love close your tired eyes

Let me caress you soft beneath the night sky

Feel the silk of the pillow the warmth of my breath

Sink deep into slumber, give yourself rest


Dream the sweet dream of our love tender and true

Dream of our days lost in love me and you

For now my sweet love close your tired eyes

Sink deep into slumber, beneath the night sky


And when you awake with dew on your lips

My darling my sweet I will be here with a kiss

So, shhh my sweet love, my darling, my one

Sink deep into slumber till the rise of the sun







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