There is no cramp in all these things

All these things and the stuff that

fills your eyes with comfort and

pleasure for the having of them.

Curios of life’s adventures and

thrift shop finds and antique malls

and garage sale treasures.

Family heirlooms with history

made to be seen for the stories they tell

Somethings fill that void of wanting

Even in the no feel of want or notice of void


Sippy the coffee…  Here’s where this is going….




It’s the great Show n’ Tell of a pirates quest

Dug up n’ scavenged from someone else’s chest

Pulled right out of their heart for the take

and the story that is now mine for the telling

And who doesn’t like a good story from the heart

told with a peg leg, a parrot, and blind eye?


This Pirate doesn’t live in sparse, or the let go,

or the relinquish of treasure beneath the sand

castle with the tide coming in on time

I see perfectly and only walk with a lilt.

I wear my hat at a rakish angle and

I let that parrot free long ago 

The ocean air is mine to breathe

And I sail my ship no matter 

the way of the wind


I like my bounty and I share it.

And like any good pirate with an

‘argh’ and straight shot of white lightnin’

I revel in the quest and the find

The ‘x’ marks the spot right there

The shown n’ tell of the sharing

Finding the heart of the matter

in the doubloon of your soul

cause my friend if you don’t want it

I just might or I find someone that does


I’m here for the story and the things 

pretty on the eyes, and the quest

of an old Pirate who finds pleasure

in other’s fading stories worth a

bounty full of treasure







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One response to “PIRATING THE THRIFT…

  1. Linda C

    LOVE THIS, matey!


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