Earth day…  




She tells me she is evolving

Unfolding herself unto herself

Part of a galactic mystery of orbiting

spheres connected, pulsing together

One body, like heart and lungs

and brain and bone all connected

As above 

so below


A Milky Way of celestial syncopation 

One in health for the others in the Being

of a body breathing, and hearing and

smelling, and tasting the Infinite Cosmos

Of everything that every was and will be

Evolving, letting go, seeking the highest good

As above 

so below


If Earth is the lungs of this vortex of swirl

And twirl and breath and light, earthly

Matters matter in the scheme and gleam

of your living and breathing and Being

Your evolving and unfolding in the

Syncopation of these orbiting Beings

As above 

so below


Atmospheric attitude is everything 

In the matter of what you matter about

You are a galactic being orbiting yourself

Of lungs and heart, and brain and soul

A planetary mystery that might only know

We are all connected

 As above

so below


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