ONE ARMED BANDITO… give me yer money

Hair show… Mt. Pleasant, mi.  Soaring Casino Hotel.  Oh ya baby.. damn.  Getting ready to pretty up and do some hair business.  We will come back with some inspiration …




There is danger here in the slip of coin

swallowed by the One arm bandit

That takes it into its fathomless belly 

in a gulp of crank and grind spitting out

bells and whistles that give nothing

in return but pull me again, pull me again

Feed me Feed me… I have something here

For you, only you, just you.


There is seduction here in the slip of coin

into the fathomless belly of this beast

Whistling at you like you’re a pretty mama

sashaying down the street looking all good

and fine and swinging your hips to be seen

While the hungry bandit calls you out

on all your pretty to take some of it all lustful like

to give nothing back in the whirl and twirl


Just put some more quarters in baby

Pull me hard, watch me hypnotize you

in my 7 come a 11 wink and grin

Pour me some gin and Feed me till you

have no more left to give. 

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