Sippy the coffee.  It’s not my ‘black gold’ as I know it at home and it’s OK enough to bitter my taste buds with flavor.  

The number for today is 14/5… from a tarot/numberological POV.  You can find more about that here…   My other blog. Have you visited there yet?  

  What rolls through me about these numbers that speak to creativity and resourcefulness is: giving myself to my creative resources, being moved by the magic of creative force rather than making it move, noticing the magic of creativity around me, and allowing it to generate possibilities within me that provoke artist experience and expression.  That’s what my being-ness is humming about this morning at 8am.  How about you?


It’s a hum in my belly

A busy bee buzz in the hive

A chatter of chippys, a squirrelly

of squirrels, a whir of wind winding

through the forest of my mind


It’s a rush, it’s a quiver, it’s inspiration

taking a hold of me  and I just gotta

I just gotta ride the wild surf in the

bubble and tide, let it have me

in the roll  and the tumble.


Pull me out to the deep blue

all in a buzz of honey sweetness

in the chitter chatter and that sacred

wind pulling at my ‘do’ that is forest green

While the rush and hum has me real good


And I am creation tool as she see fit 

to use me up.
















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