CELEBRATION beyond the grey matter…

Howdy… Thursday has found it’s way around another 7 days.  NaPoWriMo is coming to a close in another 4 days and I will keep on writing well after that.  Todays prompt is to write an elegy,   I recently did that for my brother and I’m not feeling the need or desire to do that again.  Should you like to read it please go to 12th of April.

In my sippy de’la cafe’, I’m pondering nothing at all to write about in this minute and any minute now something will roll on over this brain of mine to sputter out some little diddy.  



What is be a blank life; empty, void of thoughts and delights?

A fuzzy screen of grey crackle with the white noise drone of endlessly

Going no-where, doing nothing, breathing blank gasps of blind air


Not even in death can my imagination see anything but rainbow bliss

Carousels of writhing ponies  celebrating the green meadow hoof dance 

The rise of Spring green welcoming a carpet of blazing daffodils and 

Butterfly crocus flitting orange and purple in chilly morning breezes 


In that moment of nothing is everything that ever filled me with life

And I can see the welcome of those gone before me opened armed

Smiling their bright beams of light to my last breathe


Not even in my darkest hour at the bottom of my dry well lonely

Does the soul of me wallow colourless in the deserted paths to my heart

Even then  the hot red sear of ache spatters my canvas brilliantly

Blazing vibrancy over the walls of what I deem anguish


No, I can not know that blank void of a life desolate and colourless

Joy and pain vibrate prisms of copious colour in flames and sky

The march of Seasons hungry to have their time to be seen and heard


I am a child of life excited by each spasm and drift of resplendent wonder

My screen is cacophony of vibrance and verdant elation singing

Songs of Hallelujah everywhere all the time, In praise of All that is

Where everything is life force and my breath is a celebration





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One response to “CELEBRATION beyond the grey matter…

  1. Linda C

    Uplifting after yesterday’s rainy day in Baltimore… sunshine today, methinks!


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