NaNO NaNO…Any one remember Mork n’ MIndy?  I loved that show.  The thought of this show was prompted by the Poetry month… NaPoWriMo.  Just incase you wanted to know why out of the blue I thought of it.  But then… I often grab outta the blue bizness cause that’s what this poetry blog is all about.  eeegads..  Geezin’ through life one brain cell at a time.  Sippy the darn coffee and movin’ right along here.


Blue haired lady she knows some things

Geezin’ along the blue highways like her hair

Gatherin’ the business of this and that

Sinkin’ some wisdom down into the heart of things

Pretending it’s so cause it feels goods, smells good,

tastes good, must be good if ya believe it so



Blue haired lady she got some bull shit

to be talkin’ cause talking is in her bag

and she likes to pull it out for show n’ tell

Some of it’s vintage like her and some of it

Ya just never know cause it could be the

very thing you want to hear or maybe

just maybe you need to listen 



Blue haired lady she likes to talk to anyone

She says it like it is and was in the might be

And maybe she read yer fortunate

Cause you is if you don’t know that yet

In the what might be if there is one

even if it is the truth cause who

knows that anyway in the 



Blue haired lady she ain’t blue inside unless

you consider a brilliant blue sky or that kinda

sky that’s deep blue like when the night is special

and the sun she set just right and the blue highway

is litter with bluebells ringin’ the glory of livin’

She’s that kinda blue all over and inside


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