Last day of Poetry Month.  For me… One year and a month of poetry writing. Yewoza.  So… I have a plan, I always have a plan… and I went to the local thrift shop cause I love a good thrifting and took some pictures.  I played around with them on my camera and I’m going to use them to inspire  some Thrift Shop Poetry.  A junker’s dreamin’.


Around again.  Really


Cotton and soft worn just right for her butt

Left behind in a black bag with all her old stuff

YOu knew it was hard for her to part with these panties

Hanging with that matching light pink little cami


The panties were filled with sexy hot memory

Mostly in the taking off for her man Henry

Well Henry he left her for hot pink bikinis

That slipped off the ass and were very sleazy


Her heart it was broken no more cotton for her

Not brief enough for Henry that slimy cur.

Forget that low bastard he’s not worth the ache

There’s plenty of panties that elicit a date


She found a new man in her silky white slip

Why bother with panties when you’re naked and fit

No need to be bothered with slipping them off

Over the head when you wanna get buffed


Now Henry that dog, was sniffing the thrift

Came upon a row of knickers and slips

Got all nostalgic when he found her’s hangin’ there

Remembers her hot body silky and bare


He dials her number with hopes to rekindle

The love she wove round his heart with her spindle

Too late you idiot her cotton panties are all gone

She traded them in for silky slips and John




















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One response to “COTTON PANTIES

  1. Jackie

    I love this one Jeanne


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