A joyous Beltane to you.  Should you be so inclined, please visit this site that can give you information about this sacred time of year for the Earth and those of us that honor this Celtic holiday  ..   LILACS FOR JO…

The simple celebration of the Maypole dance is one that I have done many times.  My tradition takes a 25 ft. piece of colourful ribbon and we write what  we desire to plant/bring/create/fertilize into our lives to come to fruition.  I also write what I am willing to let go of to give space for new seeds to be planted within me.  We tack it to the pole and weave between each other singing sacred chants to the Earth and to Spirit of Spring unfolding.  This year I will not be doing the literal Maypole dance, and I will be writing what I desire to seed in my inner garden.  How I might fertilize these seeds of kindness, compassion, goodness, and well-being.  

How about you?  What do you wish to plant and seed in your life at this time?  What do you want to come to fruition?




Chant the seeding wish

Rainbow ribbons weave the pole

Spring green opens wide


Thin between the worlds

Dance sacred earth and heaven

Cast the blessing song


Weave the wish to truth

Let go of lost beginnings

Feel the dew refresh


Renew in Springs call

In meadow green dance the dance

Let love find you now







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One response to “MAYPOLE HOB NOB

  1. JoAnn McClanahan

    I’m a day or two behind in my reading. Thanks for the beautiful lilacs, beannie baby! And the lovely Beltane greeting.


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