FINDING JOY… Thrift Shop Poetry

Mornin.  Sippy the coffee.  aaaaah.. I think it time to take on of my thrift shop pics and make it a poem.




I found Joy the other day

There is was shelved and waiting

Sparkly green and slightly used

Right next to Christmas

Right next to a wrapped rodeo 

Right next to a loofa sponge

Ready to clean me all up

and give the gift of Joy before

the holiday.


Can’t pretend I didn’t wonder

about the Joy already used

If there was enough left of it

If it was the kind of Joy I wanted

If it mattered who gave it away

Had passed it along forsaken

Or selflessly in a generous moment

With that wafting scent of Balsam

slipping up my nose inviting me

to take as much of the Joy as I wanted


In a swift moment of inhale

Feeling the Joy rush in and take me

Up a notch of pleasure and giggle

Joy shuddered through all me

I left it on the shelf with holiday cheer

and the prance of those waiting ponies

Sure that someone else might thrift along

This back aisle of trinkets and notions

Looking for a little Joy to fill them up

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