Late poetry… better than no poetry at all.  Garage Sale therapy.


Took some junk to my friends

Spent my time there till the end

Garage sale therapy


People want things for nearly free

I’m not about to let that be

Garage sale therapy


Sold that junk made some coin

Made it fun with friends I joined

Garage sale therapy


Chicago dogs sloppy juicy right

Home made beer that was outta sight

Garage sale therapy


End of day try to give stuff away

Want it gone please by end of day

Garage sale therapy


Something aren’t even give away-able

No matter what the BS we say to ya

Garage sale therapy


Pack what’s left get it gone

Hope the Salvation Army will come along

Garage sale therapy


Feeling dittzy with all the chatter

Made stories up it doesn’t matter

Garage sale therapy


For all the work it takes to do

To lay our junk out for you to choose

Garage sale therapy


I won’t be doing this again real soon

Makes me crazy on this full moon

Garage sale therapy


I’d rather visit a garage sale any day

Then have one and sit selling as time passes away

Garage sale therapy



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3 responses to “GARAGE SALE THERAPY

  1. JoAnn McClanahan

    Been a long time gone since I’ve been garage sailin’ with you, girlfriend. I, too, prefer to be on the sailin’ rather then the sellin’ end. 8>D


  2. OMG!!! I just love this poem you wrote!!!! It would go great on my garage sale blog?!?! Would you mind if I shared it with everyone and give credit to you of course!!!! Love it!


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