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RAINBOW’S END, your beginning

Love and Light… Sippy the coffee. feel forgiveness for everyone/thing everywhere.  Fill up on the Love that’s folding within and around you… Be the Peace



Light has a way of going through the prism

Rainbow shimmers over the pot of gold

A call to follow the Sun to your destiny


Multi-coloured rays beyond the eye can see

A wave in the thinning air of the cosmos

Through a lens of star dust or a shiver of pain

felt over what is seen by the eye translated

to the mind and body.

What do you choose?


Light has a way of going through the prism

The pot of gold is right over there

A Sun in the center of it All


Shades of grey fall into the Light

Scraps of darkness get lit up

The unseen finds it way to be seen

Illusion lifts it’s weary cloak

for the sake of clarity in oneness

What is isn’t and was wasn’t

What will be already is 


Light has a way of going through the prism

YOur center is ready to be lit up

And the pot of gold is for your taking


If there is no Love and forgiveness 

No peaceful re-solve in the chaos of fear

Illusion will win you over and the heart

will hold to unspeakable anguish

And alone will be your greatest separator

What do you choose?


Beings of the Light in the light of the light

of the prism rainbow’s arc to your center

A pot of gold is only your beginning









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