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Sippy a new kind of coffee.  The dark brew settles nicely into my blood stream, of course, first filling my mouth with all kinds of bitter goodness.  mmmmm…

Somethings coming it’s an Earth evolve

A shift, a change, caught in the air

filled in the scent of early blooms

given to the seasons, rolled deep

beneath the surface of the unseen

There can be no more taking


Time seems to be in a hurry

in infinite space of no time at all

Of Light finding the right shadow

Revealing ancient truths of

Stars that have stories to tell

Of who we have always been


Duality has had it purpose

Shown the light and dark

for what it can only be

In this scheme of living

Loving the dark equally

as the Light


the breathe of us


I inhale deeply

for the Oneness

to fill me up

and pray for

the evolution

to take me home

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