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eegads… It is beautiful out this morning.  Such a crisp clean light makes the spring green glow.  A little nippy, but I LIKE that. Let’s take a big ol’ inhale, shall we?  Better yet if you stand outside and take it.  Feel that spring air fill you up and bless you for living.  Take a moment to hold space for a loved one faced with dis-ease.  Imagine them healed and whole.. Imagine their Highest Good will be with them.


Dedicated to Maria, Kate, and the little girls




They came to hold you sacred

in the arms of their hearts full for you

Light filled the room in auric splendor

altar gifts, totems of deep affection

graced each story of love given


There was not a breath that was not

there for you and yours in the healing

Raising the cheers of well being for

a life full and living magnificent


The hum of the clippers took each fine hair

In the cheer of such a beautiful shaped head

Such bravery to let it all go with a celebratory

knowing that this shedding was the beginning


Twenty strong and holding healing space

Washing you clean of cancer’s cruel take

Love is the answer.  It is always the answer

No matter the long and short of it

You are held in Love Divine






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