Ga’Mornin’  … Remember the feel of longing? Some deep desire that fills you up, takes you over in every part of your body and mind.  I’m never quite sure if I like it or love it, or find the pain of it more than the desire to have it.  Mine often feels like some ancient want that reminds me of places, spaces, people, lands, that I have lost and hunger to find and feel the depth of the connection.  

It flows over me in blue flames and rapid heart beats

It pulls the whisper of it buried deep in my long agos

up and out over my skin, through my blood

a yearning unquenched now awakened and 

in search of relief from the starving want of it

I let it have me cause it will no matter what the matter

I let it ache me into surrender and the remember

of who I have always been and remain in this

earthly form and habitat of limitations

When the call to home takes me and sets me free

Better now to feel wrapped in the electric blue

Imaginings of the coming Light of home 

and Love everlasting





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2 responses to “LONGING AGAIN…

  1. Linda C

    Wonderful…. reminds me of Rumi’s longing for “the Friend,” but in your uniquely Jeanne way.


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