14 may 2012…

Can you believe it’s the middle of May.. yikes. chug-a-lug the caffeine and call it a month.  Or go back to the delicacy of ‘sippy’.  ha..  I have written some sort of poetic nonsense for 411 days.  Ok.. it’s not all nonsense and it’s a real mixed back of poetic journaling.  some of which is complete nonsense, but then I like that. lol

I have been reading a lot of ‘channeled’ information lately.  The truth be told I have been reading a lot of channeled info for years, a little more lately.  I have mixed thoughts about some of it, so I check in with my own Deep Wisdom from my heart and see/feel out what I wish to take from it.  I can say … These are very interesting times.  And.. perhaps living on Earth is and has always been… ‘very interesting times’  and so….


They say the 5th dimension is at hand

The Earth awaits her evolutionary jump

With us on it.  With US on it evolving

Evolving with Mother Earth and her

Galactic partnership of Planetary

togetherness, cause how long can 

humans not see and feel the Light

and Love of Cosmic togetherness 


Shifts happen and happen again

Dark forces, Illuminati, evil bearers

blinded by the Light of Ascension

Dis-armed by Divine Love from

Intergalactic beings that invite

Us, call us, awaken us to 

Our feelings, our heart opening

to hold the Love and Light.

To hold the Love and LIght  

That erases the fear that holds us

away from the Oneness that is

our birth right.


All I want to do is remember

Remember that I am One with you

One with this Infinite Cosmos

That me and you and the All of it

are connected at the heart no matter

the Evil, no matter the Darkness,

cause, I have a little light that shines

I have a little light that shines

and I’m gonna shine it all over you

I’m gonna Love the dark right outta ya

And when I’m done with that

I’m gonna hug the last of the fear away

So you get to know that you are Loved

just the way you are …

And if that doesn’t wake you up

I’m in the ‘so what’ of that cause

It doesn’t matter cause we’re all gonna git

there, There, THERE… sooner of later.


Love is All there is.





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