Golly gee.  another day to honor life and give it all a good laugh or two, or three.  Not that it’s all laughs and chuckles .  and… the bog down in the quagmire of busyness, and distractions sure can drag a gal away from the pleasures of living in the moment, even if the moment is kinda poo in the moment. Ya know?  


I simply can not keep away from writing about the Be Here Now.


If I was really in the Now

I’d have no need to write a word

choose a clever font, entice a clever

thought to rise and flow from these 

tapping tapping little fingers


I can hardly keep up with the Now

grabbing the sounds of birds

the pant of my dog, the neighbors 

chatting by as they walk with

their children, cars passing,

all the glorious green that waves

at me from outside my windows

The Sun hanging low in the morning

sky.  My cats staring at the squirrel

The morning chill on my skin


It’s a very busy Now if I let it all in

When my senses sense in the gather up

of it…breathe it in to fill me up

Rove my eyes over the immediacy

of what my eyes can gather in

Fill my ears with chatter of life

Expand my psyche out and up

to connect with the Infinite voice


Now is full and filling and

for me I call to focus on this font

these words, this ramble, the tap tap

tap of my fingers spelling out my Now

here with you cause right Now 

Me and you are Now-ing together

even tho’ I have gone off to make a day

of living, you are here.. Right  Now.


I’m breathing with you.






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4 responses to “THE NOW OF IT..

  1. Mark

    Lovely Jeanne. This resonates very deeply and teaches me at the same time. Thank you.


  2. Linda C

    You have my permission (request?) to write about the now at any given moment. I love the writing and the reminder. Like right now. And now. And…


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