What does ‘being prepared’ mean to you?  Really.  And what might you be preparing for?  do you think there is something you need to prepare for?

These are questions that  are rolling over me lately.  AND…I’d love to know your answers.  REAlly.. I would.  So if you have a little extra time, do you think you might take that time and respond to my questions.  I’d like that.



Being Prepared


Ordered and gathered

the list is done. 

the plan is made

The doing calls to action

Where’s your wallet

your keys, the car won’t start

the phone rings, appointments

canceled, somebody died,

a baby is born, a lot of 

blah blah is going down


All the preparation in the 

world does not make for

being prepared.

How could it when shifts

happen and happen again

And all that planning

Prepared for the day

might not include prepared

for the unexpected

Unexpectedly prepared

for the whatever


The air is filled with the

spark of change in repeat

performance for the unprepared

that you aren’t quite ready for

Things don’t make you prepared

Lists don’t make you prepared

Hope doesn’t make you prepared

A good plan does not 

make you prepared

Prepared requires flexibility

In attitude, in consciousness

CAuse without that pliability


Of thought and heart

being unprepared will

kick your ass

Are you prepared for that?


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One response to “BEING PREPARED… REALLY?

  1. Linda C

    Staying from behind the eight ball!
    I know that’s kind of a negative perspective, but that’s what I want to avoid…. an eight ball as big as that rock that rolled behind Harrison Ford in “Raiders” all those years ago. Positive motivation would be a good goal, but for now, it’s keeping my running shoes tied up tight!!


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