Morning… It’s no joke that a lot of babies get born in the Spring n’ Summer.   What to do when the spice of Fall comes rolling in, the air begins to chill and it keeps you wanting to cuddle up at night?   Gets ya’ll cozy for some business going on?  hhhmmm let me think?  Get down to sweaty kinda bizness.   I know 4 people with birthdays today.  happy birthday to ya’ll.



Gitting down to some sweaty bizness

Putting the nooky all over you

Warmin’ up my baby real nice

While the chilly comes rolling through


Gotta spice us up real nice

Gotta snuggle in the chilling air

Gotta find somethin’ fun to do

Let’s git naked and bare


Get yourself over here lil’ darling

Cause I’m gonna make me some luv with you.

We’re gonna make us a little baby

Well maybe, just me and lil sweet you


Lets get the sweaty bizness on

Let’s not worry about doin’ it right

I want me some nooky darling

and I can’t wait for tonight



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