Sippy the good coffee… Well, I signed up for this…   http://www.knowledgecrush.com/index.php/entreslam   and they choose me to be one of the storytellers.  Please take a look and see what I got myself into.  EEEkkkk.  They still haven’t sent us what the topic needs to be around the story we are to tell.  I got me some butterflies in my belly just thinking about it.   If you can come to it… Please do and support me on 31 May.  


Butterflies know how to do a jig

YOu think it’s a little sweet flutter

all delicate and tender on the flower

With their powdered iridescence 

wings caught in the Sunlight 

perfectly in their evolution


Only when you swallow them

gulp a few of them down

right into the belly of you

When the edge of feeling safe

flounders and you’re out there

Out there all by yourself revealing

Those butterflies are doing a ribald jig


All that beauty has found it’s way

into the belly of you jiggin’ like crazy

Enough of them make for mad dancing

An iridescent party in your gut

teasing the fear into a frenzy

Cause if you do ‘that’ you might die

YOu ain’t gonna die it just feels that way


All cause you’re gonna step past

your comfort zone and had to swallow

a few insects in that giant inhale of fear

That are now having a party in your belly

Might as well join the party and let

beauty jig up a storm and a story worth telling

Cause scared is how you gotta do it


Just remember beauty is having a celebration

in your belly.






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