So, I’m sippy-ing the coffee, Like that’s something new, Right?  Surfin’ through some of my mail and side tracking off to a website or two and I am hit with the word, Immortality.  Not just the word, the concept, the thought, the possibility, the feeling, the sensation of Immortality.


Energy never dies, It is Infinity’s child

It is and always will be Eternity’s delight

Our dust to dust transforms the souls retreat

A joining in the All there Is and ever shall be 


There is no remains of Immortality in the never ending

It is a whole unto itself in the whirl and swirl of

galaxy after galaxy taking our breath out beyond

It is where ‘home’ is nestled in the Cosmos 


In the great experiment of life on Earth

Where duality separates Life and death

Dark and Light, whole and pieces 

Makes enemy of the misunderstood


Immortality reminds that All is One

All is One in the shimmer of Light beings

Ascending beyond this moment of Living

The call to HOme is in the forever after


YOu are Infinity’s child

YOu are Eternity’s delight

YOu are of everything that ever has been

You are All there ever will be.


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