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 http://www.knowledgecrush.com/index.php/entreslam  GO HERE and see what ‘fresh hell’ I got myself into.

On Thursday, the 31st of May I will be telling a 5 minute story at LIVE, 102 S. 1st st.  at 7pm.  The topic is.  “The Show Must Go On”.  I am all a flitter.  REALLY.  I’d love your support.


Five minutes 

is an eternity.

Giving the vulnerable 

a chance to make believe 

naked in front of a crowd

of hungry listeners taking in 

your exhaled words of courageous 

story-telling of some yesterday in 

your long ago for their entertainment


There is no fame in this exposure

that was left to someone else’s 

15 minutes of tabloid air time.

Of little matter to you in this 

five minutes of naked 

fully clothed in front

six billion people

represented by

a few friends

and a gaggle

of strangers


Naked and scared

you do it anyway



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