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23 may 2012     It’s a wednesday.  I was born on a wednesday and the poem says: “ Wednesday’s child is full of woe”.  I do not accept that as my truth.  Do ya think they said that cause it’s starts with a ‘W’ and that was the first word the poet had to run with?  How about ‘Wonder’?  Or maybe ‘Wise’?

This Wednesday’s child is full of Wonder

Feels the Wisdom in the Whimsy


Welcomes the Wonder with her Whole self

Wishes  Wellness for the World


Wishes Wanderers enjoy their Walk

Wish our Way to be Well Waged


Wages freedom from the Wall of Silence

Walks in Peace to Win the War


Takes the Wand of magic Willingly

Waltzes on a Wave of air


Wrangles with the Want of Wholeness

Wills her Woman-self to Witness


Wears her Want With a Wail of Freedom

Weeds away What doesn’t Work


Weeps With Joy and With the Wasteland

Whispers White dove to the Wind


Wednesday child has Won the War

Woe is gone It is no more

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