Sippy the coffee.And a good morning to you.  Thanks for your visit here.  I really appreciate that you take the time to stop in here and read my ‘bizness’.  I have made my Poetic journaling public and that’s kinda a big deal.  At this point of 420 some days of making it all up ‘on the fly’ every morning, I forget that you take some of your time out to read my ramblings.  I really appreciate that. 

 Sitting here in the cool morning, windows wide open listening to the chatter of morning birds, feeling the fresh soft smell of the morning awakening.  It’s so lovely.  I do wish I could fly.


My nest is sticks and beach stones

Sifting sand and Springs rise to green

Cat fur and dust bunnies, recycled life

Snow and fertile ground held together

by the vines of roses and sweet peas

blooming the satisfaction of the giving

glory to the seasons


My branches have suffered most weather

damaged in the emotional heat of living

Inspired and woven with the colors of you

Quivering with bursts of laughter

Feeling the thunder and rain beat the tears 

Out of the dark brown gaze that sees from

My way up here hitting the hard surfaces

the sea’s roar on a rocky shore


My nest has been safe, Safe enough

Tightly woven in the way up there

In the right here of gathered collectables

And the roll of season after season of

taking and giving and taking and giving

and years of a life lived big and creative

folding into the arms of Earth and sky

significant cause I make it so

Significant cause you make it so


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