Howdy.  Please join me for a bit of a sippy the coffee.  And a little quiet moment as we remember those that have transitioned before us.  Those that have given their lives on our behalf.  How ever you wish to give memorial to your loved ones and the plentitude of men and women that desire our remembrances.  Take a moment now.  breathe…


There is no getting out of life alive

Physical reality finds its end

Sooner or later


One way or another: softly or violently

The soul needs to be out on its own

No physical restrictions


A joining with the great Cosmos

The Heavens, the Universe

Infinity longs for your return


Wrapped in Blues and Violet

Shimmering with the starlight

Star bright, first star you see tonight


You become ONe with all that Light

Home at last once you give up your body

When It finds it end in Infinity


There is NO getting out of life alive

Physical reality will find it’s dirt

Sooner of later


Energy melds with spirals of Light

And at last you find yourself 

part of the Heavens… Home


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