Howdy… Thanks for stopping by.   Weather relief… Yippee.  Too hot for this gal these last days.  And… nature wins. She does what she feels she can and we that share space with her have to go with the hot flow.  So. today, is perfect.  Cool and sunny.  aaaahhh

Tomorrow, I slam a story in front of other local entrepreneurs at Live in Ann Arbor.  I can safely tell you, I’m super nervous.  I have my story ready for the telling.  It will ultimately, well, if I win, which I don’t know that at all. might go up on You-Tube.  Now wouldn’t that be a hoot?


Stories are for the telling

At least some stories are

Some stories are ramblings

that don’t get you far


It’s all one big story

We have one going all the time

Don’t fool yourself in the glory

That yours might be mine


We walk around making up

Some story about this or that

Having no idea of the what

That really is where the story’s at


What do you know about the truth

When no details belong to you

YOu walk around with no real proof

About what doesn’t belong to you


Stories are for the telling

Be sure you know the facts

Otherwise my friends your selling

Words that are not on track


What you see may not be what it is

No matter the story you glean

Until you walk in someone else’s biz

You story is not what it seems


The story you tell is yours alone

The truth is yours in that telling

NO other truth can be known

Cause only you know that telling


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