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How about that eclipse last night?  I was in a field singing and dancing that led to a meditation. Thank you Tanya and Michael for holding space for the experience.  I was celebrating myself with the Earth and the whole of the Universe.  I felt like a conduit between heaven and earth.  Truly, I felt the sacredness of life and myself.  

One of the songs we sang was,  We are the Ones We’ve been waiting for.



I invite you to take a moment and imagine… YOU are the one you have been waiting for.  YOU ARE  the One you’ve been waiting for.  YOU ARE THE ONE…








I am 

the One




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So, I’m sippy-ing the coffee, Like that’s something new, Right?  Surfin’ through some of my mail and side tracking off to a website or two and I am hit with the word, Immortality.  Not just the word, the concept, the thought, the possibility, the feeling, the sensation of Immortality.


Energy never dies, It is Infinity’s child

It is and always will be Eternity’s delight

Our dust to dust transforms the souls retreat

A joining in the All there Is and ever shall be 


There is no remains of Immortality in the never ending

It is a whole unto itself in the whirl and swirl of

galaxy after galaxy taking our breath out beyond

It is where ‘home’ is nestled in the Cosmos 


In the great experiment of life on Earth

Where duality separates Life and death

Dark and Light, whole and pieces 

Makes enemy of the misunderstood


Immortality reminds that All is One

All is One in the shimmer of Light beings

Ascending beyond this moment of Living

The call to HOme is in the forever after


YOu are Infinity’s child

YOu are Eternity’s delight

YOu are of everything that ever has been

You are All there ever will be.


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I think it’s a garage sale morning… Which means… I may have little to share here this morning.  Startling I know.  I’m calling out to the poet muse to zip on in here and git me busy flirting with some snappy little words cause I gotta… just gotta do it.




I’m a garage sale baby I can’t help my self

It’s just a fever that takes me from house to house

People don’t want it I just might

find me a deal that is so very right.


Their calling me like a siren in the wind

Garage sale fever has hit again

I can’t shake it off. I can’t shake it down

All I can do is jump in my car and 

head all over town


I feel a quickening of a fever

I want for some junky stuff

It’s a madness I can contend with

junkin’ for some more useless stuff


I’m a garage sale baby I can’t help my self

It’s just a fever that takes me from house to house

People don’t want it I just might

find me a deal that is so very right.


Now don’t get me wrong here

It’s some mighty good stuff

I’m a clever shopper ask my friends

they know I know my stuff


Egads, I gotta get dressed

I might wear what I wore to bed

Oh sure make a judgement on that one

LIke I care when the fever hits my head


I’ll have me a new wardrobe before the day’s out

You’ll be askin’ where I got all that goodness

cause I’m looking so very cool in what coolness I tout

and I’ll tell ya how I sought it out


I’m a garage sale baby I can’t help my self

It’s just a fever that takes me from house to house

People don’t want it I just might

find me a deal that is so very right.




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Sippy the good coffee… Well, I signed up for this…   and they choose me to be one of the storytellers.  Please take a look and see what I got myself into.  EEEkkkk.  They still haven’t sent us what the topic needs to be around the story we are to tell.  I got me some butterflies in my belly just thinking about it.   If you can come to it… Please do and support me on 31 May.  


Butterflies know how to do a jig

YOu think it’s a little sweet flutter

all delicate and tender on the flower

With their powdered iridescence 

wings caught in the Sunlight 

perfectly in their evolution


Only when you swallow them

gulp a few of them down

right into the belly of you

When the edge of feeling safe

flounders and you’re out there

Out there all by yourself revealing

Those butterflies are doing a ribald jig


All that beauty has found it’s way

into the belly of you jiggin’ like crazy

Enough of them make for mad dancing

An iridescent party in your gut

teasing the fear into a frenzy

Cause if you do ‘that’ you might die

YOu ain’t gonna die it just feels that way


All cause you’re gonna step past

your comfort zone and had to swallow

a few insects in that giant inhale of fear

That are now having a party in your belly

Might as well join the party and let

beauty jig up a storm and a story worth telling

Cause scared is how you gotta do it


Just remember beauty is having a celebration

in your belly.






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Morning… It’s no joke that a lot of babies get born in the Spring n’ Summer.   What to do when the spice of Fall comes rolling in, the air begins to chill and it keeps you wanting to cuddle up at night?   Gets ya’ll cozy for some business going on?  hhhmmm let me think?  Get down to sweaty kinda bizness.   I know 4 people with birthdays today.  happy birthday to ya’ll.



Gitting down to some sweaty bizness

Putting the nooky all over you

Warmin’ up my baby real nice

While the chilly comes rolling through


Gotta spice us up real nice

Gotta snuggle in the chilling air

Gotta find somethin’ fun to do

Let’s git naked and bare


Get yourself over here lil’ darling

Cause I’m gonna make me some luv with you.

We’re gonna make us a little baby

Well maybe, just me and lil sweet you


Lets get the sweaty bizness on

Let’s not worry about doin’ it right

I want me some nooky darling

and I can’t wait for tonight



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What does ‘being prepared’ mean to you?  Really.  And what might you be preparing for?  do you think there is something you need to prepare for?

These are questions that  are rolling over me lately.  AND…I’d love to know your answers.  REAlly.. I would.  So if you have a little extra time, do you think you might take that time and respond to my questions.  I’d like that.



Being Prepared


Ordered and gathered

the list is done. 

the plan is made

The doing calls to action

Where’s your wallet

your keys, the car won’t start

the phone rings, appointments

canceled, somebody died,

a baby is born, a lot of 

blah blah is going down


All the preparation in the 

world does not make for

being prepared.

How could it when shifts

happen and happen again

And all that planning

Prepared for the day

might not include prepared

for the unexpected

Unexpectedly prepared

for the whatever


The air is filled with the

spark of change in repeat

performance for the unprepared

that you aren’t quite ready for

Things don’t make you prepared

Lists don’t make you prepared

Hope doesn’t make you prepared

A good plan does not 

make you prepared

Prepared requires flexibility

In attitude, in consciousness

CAuse without that pliability


Of thought and heart

being unprepared will

kick your ass

Are you prepared for that?


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Golly gee.  another day to honor life and give it all a good laugh or two, or three.  Not that it’s all laughs and chuckles .  and… the bog down in the quagmire of busyness, and distractions sure can drag a gal away from the pleasures of living in the moment, even if the moment is kinda poo in the moment. Ya know?  


I simply can not keep away from writing about the Be Here Now.


If I was really in the Now

I’d have no need to write a word

choose a clever font, entice a clever

thought to rise and flow from these 

tapping tapping little fingers


I can hardly keep up with the Now

grabbing the sounds of birds

the pant of my dog, the neighbors 

chatting by as they walk with

their children, cars passing,

all the glorious green that waves

at me from outside my windows

The Sun hanging low in the morning

sky.  My cats staring at the squirrel

The morning chill on my skin


It’s a very busy Now if I let it all in

When my senses sense in the gather up

of it…breathe it in to fill me up

Rove my eyes over the immediacy

of what my eyes can gather in

Fill my ears with chatter of life

Expand my psyche out and up

to connect with the Infinite voice


Now is full and filling and

for me I call to focus on this font

these words, this ramble, the tap tap

tap of my fingers spelling out my Now

here with you cause right Now 

Me and you are Now-ing together

even tho’ I have gone off to make a day

of living, you are here.. Right  Now.


I’m breathing with you.






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14 may 2012…

Can you believe it’s the middle of May.. yikes. chug-a-lug the caffeine and call it a month.  Or go back to the delicacy of ‘sippy’.  ha..  I have written some sort of poetic nonsense for 411 days.  Ok.. it’s not all nonsense and it’s a real mixed back of poetic journaling.  some of which is complete nonsense, but then I like that. lol

I have been reading a lot of ‘channeled’ information lately.  The truth be told I have been reading a lot of channeled info for years, a little more lately.  I have mixed thoughts about some of it, so I check in with my own Deep Wisdom from my heart and see/feel out what I wish to take from it.  I can say … These are very interesting times.  And.. perhaps living on Earth is and has always been… ‘very interesting times’  and so….


They say the 5th dimension is at hand

The Earth awaits her evolutionary jump

With us on it.  With US on it evolving

Evolving with Mother Earth and her

Galactic partnership of Planetary

togetherness, cause how long can 

humans not see and feel the Light

and Love of Cosmic togetherness 


Shifts happen and happen again

Dark forces, Illuminati, evil bearers

blinded by the Light of Ascension

Dis-armed by Divine Love from

Intergalactic beings that invite

Us, call us, awaken us to 

Our feelings, our heart opening

to hold the Love and Light.

To hold the Love and LIght  

That erases the fear that holds us

away from the Oneness that is

our birth right.


All I want to do is remember

Remember that I am One with you

One with this Infinite Cosmos

That me and you and the All of it

are connected at the heart no matter

the Evil, no matter the Darkness,

cause, I have a little light that shines

I have a little light that shines

and I’m gonna shine it all over you

I’m gonna Love the dark right outta ya

And when I’m done with that

I’m gonna hug the last of the fear away

So you get to know that you are Loved

just the way you are …

And if that doesn’t wake you up

I’m in the ‘so what’ of that cause

It doesn’t matter cause we’re all gonna git

there, There, THERE… sooner of later.


Love is All there is.





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having this moment

13 may 2012  Sunday 3:10


Morning has been set free

Afternoon finds rest in the calm

Evening is unknown and yet to be

Now is all there is


How is your Now going?


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Ga’Mornin’  … Remember the feel of longing? Some deep desire that fills you up, takes you over in every part of your body and mind.  I’m never quite sure if I like it or love it, or find the pain of it more than the desire to have it.  Mine often feels like some ancient want that reminds me of places, spaces, people, lands, that I have lost and hunger to find and feel the depth of the connection.  

It flows over me in blue flames and rapid heart beats

It pulls the whisper of it buried deep in my long agos

up and out over my skin, through my blood

a yearning unquenched now awakened and 

in search of relief from the starving want of it

I let it have me cause it will no matter what the matter

I let it ache me into surrender and the remember

of who I have always been and remain in this

earthly form and habitat of limitations

When the call to home takes me and sets me free

Better now to feel wrapped in the electric blue

Imaginings of the coming Light of home 

and Love everlasting





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