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Sippy the coffee.And a good morning to you.  Thanks for your visit here.  I really appreciate that you take the time to stop in here and read my ‘bizness’.  I have made my Poetic journaling public and that’s kinda a big deal.  At this point of 420 some days of making it all up ‘on the fly’ every morning, I forget that you take some of your time out to read my ramblings.  I really appreciate that. 

 Sitting here in the cool morning, windows wide open listening to the chatter of morning birds, feeling the fresh soft smell of the morning awakening.  It’s so lovely.  I do wish I could fly.


My nest is sticks and beach stones

Sifting sand and Springs rise to green

Cat fur and dust bunnies, recycled life

Snow and fertile ground held together

by the vines of roses and sweet peas

blooming the satisfaction of the giving

glory to the seasons


My branches have suffered most weather

damaged in the emotional heat of living

Inspired and woven with the colors of you

Quivering with bursts of laughter

Feeling the thunder and rain beat the tears 

Out of the dark brown gaze that sees from

My way up here hitting the hard surfaces

the sea’s roar on a rocky shore


My nest has been safe, Safe enough

Tightly woven in the way up there

In the right here of gathered collectables

And the roll of season after season of

taking and giving and taking and giving

and years of a life lived big and creative

folding into the arms of Earth and sky

significant cause I make it so

Significant cause you make it so


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23 may 2012     It’s a wednesday.  I was born on a wednesday and the poem says: “ Wednesday’s child is full of woe”.  I do not accept that as my truth.  Do ya think they said that cause it’s starts with a ‘W’ and that was the first word the poet had to run with?  How about ‘Wonder’?  Or maybe ‘Wise’?

This Wednesday’s child is full of Wonder

Feels the Wisdom in the Whimsy


Welcomes the Wonder with her Whole self

Wishes  Wellness for the World


Wishes Wanderers enjoy their Walk

Wish our Way to be Well Waged


Wages freedom from the Wall of Silence

Walks in Peace to Win the War


Takes the Wand of magic Willingly

Waltzes on a Wave of air


Wrangles with the Want of Wholeness

Wills her Woman-self to Witness


Wears her Want With a Wail of Freedom

Weeds away What doesn’t Work


Weeps With Joy and With the Wasteland

Whispers White dove to the Wind


Wednesday child has Won the War

Woe is gone It is no more

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ENTRE-SLAM GOES LIVE …31ST MAY  GO HERE and see what ‘fresh hell’ I got myself into.

On Thursday, the 31st of May I will be telling a 5 minute story at LIVE, 102 S. 1st st.  at 7pm.  The topic is.  “The Show Must Go On”.  I am all a flitter.  REALLY.  I’d love your support.


Five minutes 

is an eternity.

Giving the vulnerable 

a chance to make believe 

naked in front of a crowd

of hungry listeners taking in 

your exhaled words of courageous 

story-telling of some yesterday in 

your long ago for their entertainment


There is no fame in this exposure

that was left to someone else’s 

15 minutes of tabloid air time.

Of little matter to you in this 

five minutes of naked 

fully clothed in front

six billion people

represented by

a few friends

and a gaggle

of strangers


Naked and scared

you do it anyway



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How about that eclipse last night?  I was in a field singing and dancing that led to a meditation. Thank you Tanya and Michael for holding space for the experience.  I was celebrating myself with the Earth and the whole of the Universe.  I felt like a conduit between heaven and earth.  Truly, I felt the sacredness of life and myself.  

One of the songs we sang was,  We are the Ones We’ve been waiting for.



I invite you to take a moment and imagine… YOU are the one you have been waiting for.  YOU ARE  the One you’ve been waiting for.  YOU ARE THE ONE…








I am 

the One




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So, I’m sippy-ing the coffee, Like that’s something new, Right?  Surfin’ through some of my mail and side tracking off to a website or two and I am hit with the word, Immortality.  Not just the word, the concept, the thought, the possibility, the feeling, the sensation of Immortality.


Energy never dies, It is Infinity’s child

It is and always will be Eternity’s delight

Our dust to dust transforms the souls retreat

A joining in the All there Is and ever shall be 


There is no remains of Immortality in the never ending

It is a whole unto itself in the whirl and swirl of

galaxy after galaxy taking our breath out beyond

It is where ‘home’ is nestled in the Cosmos 


In the great experiment of life on Earth

Where duality separates Life and death

Dark and Light, whole and pieces 

Makes enemy of the misunderstood


Immortality reminds that All is One

All is One in the shimmer of Light beings

Ascending beyond this moment of Living

The call to HOme is in the forever after


YOu are Infinity’s child

YOu are Eternity’s delight

YOu are of everything that ever has been

You are All there ever will be.


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I think it’s a garage sale morning… Which means… I may have little to share here this morning.  Startling I know.  I’m calling out to the poet muse to zip on in here and git me busy flirting with some snappy little words cause I gotta… just gotta do it.




I’m a garage sale baby I can’t help my self

It’s just a fever that takes me from house to house

People don’t want it I just might

find me a deal that is so very right.


Their calling me like a siren in the wind

Garage sale fever has hit again

I can’t shake it off. I can’t shake it down

All I can do is jump in my car and 

head all over town


I feel a quickening of a fever

I want for some junky stuff

It’s a madness I can contend with

junkin’ for some more useless stuff


I’m a garage sale baby I can’t help my self

It’s just a fever that takes me from house to house

People don’t want it I just might

find me a deal that is so very right.


Now don’t get me wrong here

It’s some mighty good stuff

I’m a clever shopper ask my friends

they know I know my stuff


Egads, I gotta get dressed

I might wear what I wore to bed

Oh sure make a judgement on that one

LIke I care when the fever hits my head


I’ll have me a new wardrobe before the day’s out

You’ll be askin’ where I got all that goodness

cause I’m looking so very cool in what coolness I tout

and I’ll tell ya how I sought it out


I’m a garage sale baby I can’t help my self

It’s just a fever that takes me from house to house

People don’t want it I just might

find me a deal that is so very right.




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Sippy the good coffee… Well, I signed up for this…   and they choose me to be one of the storytellers.  Please take a look and see what I got myself into.  EEEkkkk.  They still haven’t sent us what the topic needs to be around the story we are to tell.  I got me some butterflies in my belly just thinking about it.   If you can come to it… Please do and support me on 31 May.  


Butterflies know how to do a jig

YOu think it’s a little sweet flutter

all delicate and tender on the flower

With their powdered iridescence 

wings caught in the Sunlight 

perfectly in their evolution


Only when you swallow them

gulp a few of them down

right into the belly of you

When the edge of feeling safe

flounders and you’re out there

Out there all by yourself revealing

Those butterflies are doing a ribald jig


All that beauty has found it’s way

into the belly of you jiggin’ like crazy

Enough of them make for mad dancing

An iridescent party in your gut

teasing the fear into a frenzy

Cause if you do ‘that’ you might die

YOu ain’t gonna die it just feels that way


All cause you’re gonna step past

your comfort zone and had to swallow

a few insects in that giant inhale of fear

That are now having a party in your belly

Might as well join the party and let

beauty jig up a storm and a story worth telling

Cause scared is how you gotta do it


Just remember beauty is having a celebration

in your belly.






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