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Road TRIP.. Can I hear a Yipppeee Skipy?   oh ya… Mama gonna go to the lake.  A little lake, a sweet little lake up North where there are beautious birds and bitting bugs with bug spray, and floating on the lake, and laziness.  Reading and writing.  Giggling with the ‘Cuzin’ n’laws.  Foodie experiences, sippy the coffee.  I’ll do my best to enjoy myself.  NO.. no… don’t worry… I’ll be OK. honest.

Already the feel is shifting

The space of the road under the sky

The green fields along the back roads

Gardens expanding their goodness

In the summer heat and sweat


The country villages readying for

the long weekend to celebrate.

The 4th of  JUly in the red, white’n’ blue

in the crack and sparkle of the night sky


Taking the long way to enjoy it all

No hurry, hit a few garage sales

Stop for snacks, walk the dog in a park

Inhale all the goodness of the road trip

Trippin’ along with a summer song


I might follow an inviting sign

to who knows where cause I can

Under this summer sky

on theses two lanes going north,

on this Michigan day


I love my Michigan


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Hiddy Ho…Sippy the coffee. mmmmm.. It’s stinky hot and nature wins no matter what the reason, cause, or evolvement.  IMO.  I’m gonna take my body, my dog, and ride up north and hang out on Dease Lake, with some of my people.  I’m gonna welcome the Full Moon on the 3rd with a meditation for peace, kindness, grace, and gratitude for me, you, and this beautiful Earth.  How might you celebrate this Full Moon?

It use to be a whisper

a faint distant voice

A call, a faraway echo


I thought it was over there

then over there, maybe

I was hearing things


Busy in the drone of

external chatter in the matter

of work, play, angry news,


Other people’s business

Overwhelming dis-ease

clamoring for attention


No hearing any whisper

of distant voice, or call

no faraway echo


There was no silence taken

Not in the fear driven

angst of the roar of chaos


The only way I can listen

NOw, is to breathe into

the whisper, the echo, my heart


Let the spaciousness of the

faraway and The Great Beyond

fill me up with Infinite grace


As I breathe in the Light

passed the veil of fear and

separation where Love waits


There is no greater moment

Than right here right Now

Breathe with me.


Breathe into your place of joy

Exhale what you can do nothing about

Breathe into your place of Love


Breathe with me now.

You are Love

YOu are Loved








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Good morning… Read a great article by my friend Ian Gray.  It might stir your pot up a little.  give you food for thought.

It lead me to wondering, where the heck is ‘Good News’?   So much negative news in the papers and media, with only a dab of some good news, which leads me to wonder, as I have wondered before, what keeps us hook on reading about disaster, trouble, horror, and a plethora of other negative news that leaves us fearful and all riled up?

So… I went for a brief google venture looking for on line media that had ‘Good News’ .  Here, what I found.,,   Which isn’t say there is not good news all around the world, only that you have to seek it out.

And, it seems that we are conditioned to let ‘bad’, negative news, fill the press.  If ya want some good news take a gander at the above sites and see what it does for you.

AND,  you could always make a list of your good news daily.  Kinda like noticing what you’re grateful for.

The good news is

you’re breathing

maybe that’s the

best news you got.


If you’re reading this

You’re seeing too

How lucky is that?

And thinking


Thinking about

your goodness

cause that’s what

I’m inviting you to do


Right now.

Gathering up

All the goodness

that surrounds you


The gratitude of your

every moment.

That’s some damn

Good New right there.


Maybe you’ll pet the dog

or let the sun hit you just right.

Maybe you’ll hug your

loved ones and give a cherished


moment to the warmth

of that feeling of love

Breath that beauty right in

See it in their eyes


Let that news fill you up

cause you might have

a lonely moment, a sad one

and all ya got is the news


From a few days ago

that the sun hit you just right

and the dog loves you unconditionally

and your loved ones held you


In a cherished moment

and you need that news

to remember you’re good

You’re Great, you’re loved


That is some wonderful news

That’s the news worthy of

hearing, and holding within

when the external news hurts


Share that good news.














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Good morning Global Unity.


Let’s sippy the coffee,


brew the tea,


stir up the Love,


shine the Light,


and BE




We don’t need to chat.


It’s all been said


Let the heart feel.


The figuring ‘IT’ out


was figured out


we forgot




Symbols are everywhere


In endless reminders


Duality takes hold


hostage to separation


We are in this


All together.




“I’m gonna love you come rain


or come shine”



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Haiku and then NOT

Whirling weekend…  zoom, twirl, Swirl… slept like a baby last night.

Good morning… it’s so pleasantly cool this morning.  My favorite sleeping weather.  aaaahhh   Ready… the weather forecast:  Thursday, 106.  yes that’s what they’re saying.  Sleep well my pretties.  Enjoy all your moments.

Enjoy all moments

Find the gift, revel, give back

Change with the weather


The best kept secret

is no secret in the All

You are everything


Weather the wether

Of this and that, that and this

Change goes upside down


Change goes upside down

The cartwheel of life does that

The wheel turns again


There is no maybe in love

You do or you think you don’t

Someone loves you no matter what








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just a little diddy

Cause I’m goin’ to the city

ain’t got me much poetics

Cause my rhymin is pathetic


but then what da difference

some bizness has interference

It just be the way it goes

My words be kinda froze


Catch ya tomorrow in the mornin’

when I’m clever brilliant and showin’

How clever is my word muse

Grabbing at life for some cues


I gotta git a git go

cause I’m going to a hair show

Later lil gators

be seeing ya later

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There’s no place to hold the Old Ways

The Ways that held the lies I made up

That I made up to make the imperfect

perfectly Ok to accept as the truth

Where this truth shifted out of that Way



That truth that held me to a Way

A this Way and a that Way

of perception through these eyes

through these beautiful limited

perceptions of what the Way over there



Old Ways are new Ways now

Ways to get things done and Ways

to make things right if they were wrong

A fork in the road does that sometimes

A wrong Way had its reasons to



For sure I am on my Way, count on it

If there is a Way there I’m gonna find it

A long Way, a short Way, this Way

That Way, Way the hell over there

The Way is marked by broken branches



Only, if you follow someone else’s marks

Will that Path, that Way be your Way?

When it all shakes out, shimmers in the Light

Sends sparks of right up your spine

The Way of the heart is my only 




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