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1ST OF june… It’s a pleasantly grey, rainy day.   I don’t have to work and can snuggle right into it.   Aaahhhh.  

I told my beauty school tale at the Entre-Slam last night.  It was a good experience and I definitely wish to support it.  I didn’t ‘win’ and I wanted to.  OfCOursE.. right?  Not to say I was not lauded for the story or my efforts.  Stories that had physical/mental health triumphant touched the hearts of the judges, as they did mine and were winners.  Totally understandable.    I’d do it again and I just might.  


All hail to the Victor 

That rises above anguish

leads the way to Courage’s door

Takes the fear of death and dying

To the place where freedom calls to joy


All hail to the Victor

That rises above self destruction

Takes the raging sea to a calm shore

Surrenders the negative to the gift of living

Embraces their Light to shine and share once more


All hail to the Victor

Who faces fear trembling

On the edge of life’s jagged abyss 

Risks the leap into life to have All of life

Mixes the unlikely with the improbable to find bliss 


Hail to the Victor

Who feels joy in a new day

Who finds gratitude in the wind

Who feels the sacred in the mud and dust

Who share kindness with strangers


All Hail to Us All

For our living and finding our Way.



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