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Venus transit the Sun today… Around 6pm you will be able to see this. It takes about 7 hours for it to cross. WATCH out if you’re looking right at the sun..  I have given a link that is astrologically based to give you an idea from that perspective about the influence of this rare phenomena.  


Embracing the Solar Feminine  



A quote from this article.


“Despite the dominance of solar gods at the root of western civilization, the metaphor of light is actually more akin to the feminine principle than to the masculine. Light shines, radiates, illuminates. But from our viewpoint on Earth, the Sun also sets and takes the light with it each evening. This ebb and flow of light is precisely what the feminine is: the flow, the dance, the ever-changing pattern of light into dark and back again.”


She enters him Lightly

Filling him slowly

Letting him take in 

his dark corners



She enters him Lightly

Gives fully her body

Lets him feel

the depth of



She enters him Lightly

exposing him completely

nothing is left unseen

everything is



She enters him Lightly

He now knows absolutely

his inner light takes action

on behalf of great







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