GEEZERIN’ a new verb

This will be a fast ‘geezering’    Can one make geezer a verb?  I did and I’m good with that.  You can be a geezer and geezer around town.  I’m sure of it.  Geezers, geezing.  OH… I’m liking this.  It this really poetry today…mmmm.


I geezer along in a rumba shuffle

A tapper geezer geezers next to me

We like to geezer the 3 step polka

People wanna geezer when they see 


You don’t get to geezer till a certain age 

Geezering is for the youth over fifty

Geezering ain’t for those young bodies

It’s for us that are in no hurry but niffty


We geezers like our geezer time

Sooner or later it’s what we do best

Getting old ain’t for sissies

Geezering along taking short rests


If you’ve yet to be find yourself Geezered

It will sooner or later be what you do

Geezing along with yer geezer pals

Looking for fun and what’s geezer new


There’s big wisdom in us clever Geezers

Decades have brought us to know a lot

Don’t ya dare dismiss Geezer Wisdom

Cause it takes all these years this smart to the to


When you’re ready to take on your geezer

When you’re feeling like geezering along

You can be part of this geezering community

Dancing, reminiscing, singing songs


We’re waiting for you you old geezers

We know you’ll be here all to soon

Whether you like getting old and geezered

You be here singin’ sharin’ or tone


Geezer Power…




Conjugation Poetics


 Infinitive                         geezer

present participle             geezering

Past participle                  geezered


Person, number                        present                  past


1st, singular              I                geezer                 geezered

2nd singular          you              are geezer          were geezered

3rd singular         he/she/it       is geezer              was geezered


1st plural                   we              are geezers             were geezered

2cd plural               you              are geezers             were geezered

3rd plural              they              are geezers           were geezered




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2 responses to “GEEZERIN’ a new verb

  1. Jackie

    Jeanne, I love this! Of course geezer can be a verb and I love geezering. Good work.


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