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Howz yer geezering goin’?  I spend more time these days pondering the Aging process.  Cause… I’m aging. dah… My youth drains from my body and the youth of me continues to flourish within me.  Wisdom is gathered with the living of decades, and yet to be full in the experience of being young and finding your way to your own wisdom.  It seems it would be nice to have alllll this Wisdom and not have to look at the sagging, wrinkled, gravity on your ass, Old geezer thing going on.  Finding fairness in the aging process is not always an easy thing.


The mirror must be lyin’

That old wrinkled brow

That turkey neck sag

Those broken veins

and those clouding eyes


Not the girl  that lives

inside of me all a glow

Fresh face with a twinkle 

in eyes that miss nothing

A body lustful,hungry

Filled with possibilities

that have forever to happen


The mirror is lyin’

Cause what I see doesn’t

meld with the girl that

trembles within for

the pleasure that her youth

gives story to for the telling


That’s not an old woman there

in that mirror of illusion

Behind those wrinkles and fade

is the girl, my girl, that girl

full of life, curiosity, enthusiasm

full of Spirit that hold up her

Cup of life, full and pouring. 




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