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GArdening.. Gardening.  and then… ya… gardening  and then nieces graduation party.  AS an old friend of mine once said…”A busy girl is a happy girl”.  


A busy girl is a happy girly

A girl is happy when she be busy

Happy is a busy girly

This rhyme might be a little squirrelly


A squirrelly girly is pretty happy

Bein’ busy gathering her nutty

Happy being a little silly

Keeping her business busy


All n’ all happy is the way to go

A busy happy girl surely knows

Makin’ fun with tell and show

Is a busy happy girls way to go


Feel the happy being busy

busy is as busy is bizzy

Get the drift all you girlies

Cause this poem makes me dizzy


I’m gonna stop now being wordy

Got my self pretty happy

Cause as you know I go wordy busy

I’m a happy geezer girly




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