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yeowza… All those Beginnings and Endings and … Whew.  Home and sitting here in the sippy the coffee fashion I so enjoy in the morning.   I gotta say, I love the brew of my own caffeine.  The weather report… Lovely outside.  Sweet breeze caught in the rustle of leaves.  The smell of last nights rain wafts through the window.   Cooler and I feel lazy.  


Inside the weather tumbles

Rolls from scattered showers

to sunny wind swept trees

Mostly the heart of calm

whispers come here to me


The heart is vast in it hold

of all that finds shelter there

All weather conditions pump

vital life force from it’s center

Steady to keep on living


The heart is the eye of the storm

The pulse of steady as you go

The beat that keeps breath alive

The cadence of your body


Wether the weather be as it comes

In the steady rhythm of how it goes

Ever is the flow till death do you part

When your heart gives and gives

So you can live


The weather of you will tumble

It will roll in scattered showers

to find sunny days and wind

swept trees when the heart of you

gives whisper for you to listen



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