BLA BLA de BLA de da de BLA BLA

Mornin’.. I’m thinking of changing my blog format so don’t be surprised when I do.  Probably won’t be immediately, and I kinda wanna redo some things visual here.  

So… How are ya all?  How’s summer unfolding for you?  Are you feeling your flow?  By now, you know I’m a Be Here NOw kinda gal.  Let’s say it’s a work in progress pretty much all the NOws I have. 

I’d be very curious to know what that means for you?  Cause busy little minds make for busy little story time that makes up stuff about tomorrow or some sort of thing that might happen.  etc.  And all of a sudden you’re down that slippery slimy little path of the future and really you haven’t a clue what the hell’s gonna happen.  And you’re allll worked up about it.  Ya know?

Oh… and I’m not feeling like little Missy Poet this a.m.  Honest, I don’t where I dig up inside myself every morning to blabber out some piece of something …   So this is how this is gonna go.


Bla bla bla bla

de bla bla bla bla

Be here Now


Bla da bla bla bla

de bla de bla bla bla

Be nice


De bla da bla da bla bla

bla bla bla da bla de bla

Be the peace


Bla bla bla da bla bla

Bla de da de da da bla

Be Be Be de Be Be


Bla de da bla bla bla

Bla bla de da de da bla

Here you are NOw


De da the Bla Bla bla

when the bla bla is bla

How this for now?


diddly de da bla bla

In the bla of the bla bla

Now is all there is


Be the bla when the bla

bla blas in the da de da

bye for Now




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