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yawn… get some oxygen into those morning lungs.  And.. sippy the coffee

Yesterdays poetic endeavor was pretty Bla Bla.  I couldn’t help myself.   I think I should publish the dang thing.

 think I’ll get back to some Thrift shop poetry.



Hanging here casual like

Hopeful panty hose ready

to slink onto some legs

Remembering the nylon hold

over those legs that once desired them

The feel of skin freshly shaved

pulling and stretching, fitting

all tan and slender, tight and

smooth.  Sexy sleek over the belly


They check you out as you pass

Slinking out leggy commentary 

“Look at her, she could use a little

a little support on that belly.”

“And what about that map of veins

on that old broad?’

“That is a pasty white girl if I

ever saw one.”


Hanging here now loose empty

A trinity of discarded legs

going nowhere fast 










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