the dry…

Small things like socks and panties

Disappear They disappear into the

Dryer, or maybe they melt into 

the floor, or did the dog eat them?

Or maybe some fairy came and

stole them for the roof of their house

The neighbors don’t want them

Your friends could prank you

What you know for sure is that

your socks and undies are gone. 

Gone, gone, gone into an unknown void.


Dryer death seems acceptable

We all know dryers are hungry

Melting in to the floor not so much

A lacy purple fairy roof a big likely

Dogs eat things unimaginable

Neighbors, we already know they

don’t want your dirty socks or knickers

Friends?  Not my friends maybe yours

Small things disappear, disappear



Why some hungry dryer ate my

little cutting board and my red slippers

leaves mystery at a hight point.

A real high point of are you kidding me?

Nether of these little things went near

the dryer unless you count me wearing

the slippers to do the laundry which I do

They ARE gone.  Vanished, used daily

now gone. Carried off before my very eyes

maybe the middle of the night, Maybe

Maybe. Maybe


I did not hide them from myself

I confront my inner child she clearly says

NO. No, stealing or hiding of slippers and board

It all makes questions rise and fall 

and rise again about the truth of things

About what is and isn’t in the molecules shifting

I suppose the velvet red slippers would make

a nice fairy roof and the little wood board

a bridge over Avalon.  Who knows, Who knows

Who knows


I want them back.







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3 responses to “THE DRYER DID NOT EAT THEM

  1. I’d like to add a pie server, a pair of flip flops and DVD box set to that list. Damn dryer!


  2. Jackie

    It is my belief that that one missing sock from the dryer turns up as one extra beer bottle in the box of a dozen you are returning to the beer store.


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