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“Bitting off more than you can chew?”  You could always feed the hungry dryer a little extra and add the mix to the socks and underwear.  FYI… I found the red velvet slippers.  The little cutting board is probably pulp in the intestines of the dryer.  


Bring it on what’s a little more

Fill your mouth and belly

Your mind is open and limitless

Make busy your moments

Fill up the spaces, rest is for the lazy

Silence?  Who needs that?


Bite big and give it all a chew

Don’t let anyone see the mass of it

God forbid you should feel an emotion

Might bring it all out your nose

A sudden burn blast that isn’t pretty

Isn’t pretty at all when you over do it


So what you took on too much work

Too much play, too much mental angst

Too much of the stories you made up

about doing too much of the too much

You Bit off the avoidance button

Off of all that you’ve been avoiding


Add that hot mess to the fear full gobble

That keeps you bitting off more than

You can chew so you don’t have to

BE With Yourself.  Be with yourself

In the doing nothing but listening

Listening to your heart tell you


You are enough as you are

No need to eat up the world

No need to chow down on doing

No need to fill up on external garbage

No need to feed on mental angst

No need to gobble what you might miss



Fill up on a good inhale and let the 

Sails of you life find you a quiet sea

so you can take time to feel the breeze

and float gently through life’s more

to bite on and not to chew it all up





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