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Glorious rain… I took a mini video of the storm brewing over downtown.  A funnel cloud was forming in the drama of the sky and the onslaught of the coming down pour.  It was very exciting as it whirled and started to twirl, dissipating with the race of all the other clouds.  Then is poured like crazy.


The dark grey of the tempest coming

The rolling concert tumble of angry

clouds fighting like wild cats 

in a vortex of turbulent 

energy ready to detonate

Ripping the torrent of water

from the guts of each swirling

grey mass to pour 


It poured like crazy

It slammed the cement 

spraying rain drops like 

jelly bullets in a bounce

of drench and cover 

the deluge was blinding

The eruption of thunder

spared us no drama

with one shattering clap

that shuddered through my body

moving my chair in its quake


Leaving me trembling 

thrilled, quivering for more

of the hungry whirlwind

to consume me, drench me

Give to me what is so hard

to allow, to express, to give

feeling to…

The eruptive storm of feeling

the tempest that nature

gives no hesitance in sharing


Blessed be the nature of storms





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