SOLSTICE… SUMMER… SUMMER SUMMER…Did I say …”SUUUUUMMMMEEEEERRRR  SOUL-TICE”    At 7:09 EDT, begins summer.  Tho’ most of us feel like summer is so ahead of itself, today marks the day when the Sun lingers the longest for us to enjoy, and tomorrow begins his slow retreat toward winter.


As I ponder the ritual of my day to celebrate this 2012 Solstice, I feel the length of my own ‘light’ fill my sky and extend out bright and bold to share and let in this rite of 2012’s passage.   I am a child of the season and the elements and it’s for this that I do my best to remember my connection to the earth, the sky, the wind, the rain, the sea, the Sun, the Moon,… so many elemental expression fill our lives every day.  


My soul is an expression of Light

My brightness is ever evolving

Retreating, coming forth, being


My soul is an expression of Love

My heart is all the seasons 

All the elements of life pulsing


My soul is boundless expansive

Held to Earth by choice learning

Infinity is my home


My soul knows yours in

The Light and Love of All

Infinity gathers us in Eternity


My soul say yes.   

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