oh ya… hot time summer in the city.  Nature wins.  She brings on the heat and you gotta sweat yourself with it.  I’m wanting a little lake side experience.  Only… that’s not happening any time soon. ah well. 

Embrace the experience.  

Today, I have gather some Haiku from my Tarot blog..

The first one I wrote this morning, the others are from weeks ago.  What they have in common on this first full day of summer is that they relate to Alchemy/Art.  The mixing of the impossible with the unlikely and finding something amazing and magical… or not.. so you can try again.

Thanks for your visit…



Get out of the box

Find difference in common

Seek yourself in All


Be aware of boxed up

Untie the ribbon that binds you

Pop out of the cube


Take your magic wand

Nothing is impossible

The Universe waits


Clever chemist stirs

Impossible mixture

Magic everywhere


Unlikely mixture

Bubbles and seethes in cauldron

No more hate and war


Magical recipe

Prisms possibilities

Infinite limits


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