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I have a small article coming out in ‘Underground’ newspaper.  It’s Ann Arbor’s news relating to the homeless and the local issues that revolve around the homeless.  I had asked if there was anything I could write and contribute to this paper. I was offered the opportunity to take a walk on the streets of A2 and interview local people about panhandling as it seems to be a topic of conflict for the downtown merchants and patrons that enjoy being.. well… downtown.  I had 5 days to do this and having no experience in the doing of it, it didn’t exactly unfold in the way I had hoped.  And… I learned somethings in those 5 days.  The paper comes out soon, I’ll keep you informed.


Who wants to look at those lonely eyes

those toxic eyes, those eyes in need

those eyes that look right though you

those hungry eyes, those crazy eyes?

those eyes that lost their dignity

those eyes that could be you

your child, your brother,

your sister, your friend.

Begging in a heap on the corner

smelling like piss and booze

smelling like empty days and 

unsafe nights abandoned in

their crazy or bad decisions

a dirty hand held out in your

passing by 



Who wants to feel the push at the heart

Who wants to feel the anger at the why

Who wants to touch the stigma

Who wants to judge, make up a story

turn away, ignore, cross the street

Who wants it to just go away?


Vast is this dis-ease that lays rest

in your hometown, down the street

under a bridge, in an alley, in the park

on your corner, in a car, over there

Can you look these neighbors in the eye

your neighbors in trouble, your neighbors

in need, want, hunger, illness, aimless

drunk, mentally ill, filthy, stinky

neighbors… your neighbors in life

over there, right next door, a mile away

in your town on the corner with a hand

reaching out.

For God’s sake, Your sake, their sake.

Can you help with the healing?

How will you give?




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