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So much in life can stir the inner emotional pot up into a big ol’ froth.  Thoughts of making a difference where a difference can be made.  Speaking to what needs speaking to in the moment.  The Universe has asked me to pay attention.  And attention I am giving.   And what ‘right’ action’ to take to make an impact in the overwhelm of life’s injustices?  Where to give when so much is needed?    In my Be Here NOw… right here, sitting, writing, feeling, I give my good thoughts and blessings.  I imagine a generous world.  A kind world.  A world of compassionate beings that look all their neighbors in the eye, look all passing strangers in the eye,  and give a Namaste’:  “The divine in me sees the Divine in you.”


I don’t  always feel the Divine spark

when I pass all of you by in the 

nondescript of your living

and eyes that don’t meet mine


I don’t always feel the tremble

of your anguish that hurts my heart

in your dirty bundle on that corner

shutting down that moment to not feel


I can’t imagine the cold nights

and empty losses that torture you

The lonely empty of a life hollowed

by what I will never know 


I can’t imagine the struggle

behind close doors that shelter ugliness

Unseen from the street filth and

blatant losses of the homeless


I can’t know what I don’t see hide

behind the illusion of normalcy

in that beautiful house over there

where violence and brutality live inside


The unimaginable can hide

behind the illusion of safety

more brutal than the shag and filth

of what we think we know by what we see


Life can be a brutal beast

Life can be anything imaginable

Life is dark and Light

Life is Love and Joy


What I can imagine.  What I will imagine

Is that you and me… We, Us, the All of Us

Hold kindness to our hearts

Make the story of every moment

into some positive generous, gracious

gift of the heart even when

EVEN When… darkness falls

and the only little light you have

is a teeny flicker, a dull gleam

a frail slip of light in the dark.

CAll it up.  Call it up.  CALL it up

Cause if you don’t who will?


Namaste’  Namaste’  Namaste’


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