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There’s no place to hold the Old Ways

The Ways that held the lies I made up

That I made up to make the imperfect

perfectly Ok to accept as the truth

Where this truth shifted out of that Way



That truth that held me to a Way

A this Way and a that Way

of perception through these eyes

through these beautiful limited

perceptions of what the Way over there



Old Ways are new Ways now

Ways to get things done and Ways

to make things right if they were wrong

A fork in the road does that sometimes

A wrong Way had its reasons to



For sure I am on my Way, count on it

If there is a Way there I’m gonna find it

A long Way, a short Way, this Way

That Way, Way the hell over there

The Way is marked by broken branches



Only, if you follow someone else’s marks

Will that Path, that Way be your Way?

When it all shakes out, shimmers in the Light

Sends sparks of right up your spine

The Way of the heart is my only 




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