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Hiddy Ho…Sippy the coffee. mmmmm.. It’s stinky hot and nature wins no matter what the reason, cause, or evolvement.  IMO.  I’m gonna take my body, my dog, and ride up north and hang out on Dease Lake, with some of my people.  I’m gonna welcome the Full Moon on the 3rd with a meditation for peace, kindness, grace, and gratitude for me, you, and this beautiful Earth.  How might you celebrate this Full Moon?

It use to be a whisper

a faint distant voice

A call, a faraway echo


I thought it was over there

then over there, maybe

I was hearing things


Busy in the drone of

external chatter in the matter

of work, play, angry news,


Other people’s business

Overwhelming dis-ease

clamoring for attention


No hearing any whisper

of distant voice, or call

no faraway echo


There was no silence taken

Not in the fear driven

angst of the roar of chaos


The only way I can listen

NOw, is to breathe into

the whisper, the echo, my heart


Let the spaciousness of the

faraway and The Great Beyond

fill me up with Infinite grace


As I breathe in the Light

passed the veil of fear and

separation where Love waits


There is no greater moment

Than right here right Now

Breathe with me.


Breathe into your place of joy

Exhale what you can do nothing about

Breathe into your place of Love


Breathe with me now.

You are Love

YOu are Loved








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