Road TRIP.. Can I hear a Yipppeee Skipy?   oh ya… Mama gonna go to the lake.  A little lake, a sweet little lake up North where there are beautious birds and bitting bugs with bug spray, and floating on the lake, and laziness.  Reading and writing.  Giggling with the ‘Cuzin’ n’laws.  Foodie experiences, sippy the coffee.  I’ll do my best to enjoy myself.  NO.. no… don’t worry… I’ll be OK. honest.

Already the feel is shifting

The space of the road under the sky

The green fields along the back roads

Gardens expanding their goodness

In the summer heat and sweat


The country villages readying for

the long weekend to celebrate.

The 4th of  JUly in the red, white’n’ blue

in the crack and sparkle of the night sky


Taking the long way to enjoy it all

No hurry, hit a few garage sales

Stop for snacks, walk the dog in a park

Inhale all the goodness of the road trip

Trippin’ along with a summer song


I might follow an inviting sign

to who knows where cause I can

Under this summer sky

on theses two lanes going north,

on this Michigan day


I love my Michigan


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3 responses to “I LOVE MY MICHIGAN

  1. Linda C

    It’s like sittin’ in the passenger seat, singing with you to what’s playing on the radio! Splendid.


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