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Rain… glorious nurturing rain on a dry zone.  More please.  I let the rain bring deep sleep once the little dog made calm and my body sunk into the cozy of the bed. 



I wake with the thoughts of Light and dark.  

Right n’ wrong,  Joy n’ sorrow, Love n’ hate.

Again the duality of our world closes in on me.  

I find it limiting and I try to chase it away

with my breath,  with the letting in of more Love 

and more Lightness; heart centered joy

Images of a world filled with peace and

harmony, with the end of duality.   

Push aside fearfulness that sends me 

back into the darker shadows of my being 

while I try to amp up the light force inside of me 

to shine a little brighter, be a little lighter

Surrender the constraints  of limited thinking

In a vast Universe beyond understanding 

An Earth at a critical thresh hold changing

And we are all together witnessing


To believe is to see.  

Everything around us is

Thoughts made manifest


Thoughts are powerful

What will you think into BE?

What will you believe?  


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Crop Circles.


Patterns and messages

Mystery and clarity

Wheat that bends

in vortex energy

The ‘bread’ of life

A story in telling

Calls from the heavens

On behalf of an evolving



HItch a ride on the light

Surrender fear to Love

in the fields of golden grain 

in the Soul circle’s declaration

Not a whisper in this intent

laid to the land as a witness

to sustenance, new call


Messages in the  Patterns

Clarity in the mystery

Bends to the call of sustainability

from the grain that feeds you

in this vortex of energy

laid down from the heavens

For all eyes to see and for

the New Earth unfolding




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mornin’ from Portage Lake…steam rising from the lake with the chatter of busy birds claiming flowers.

Steam on the water
Dew glitters moist
Opening red gladiolas
hungry finches
darting hummingbirds
smell of decay at waters edge
fronds of grass reach for the sun

There’s ease to this morning rise
In the giggle of history revealed
in gentle repartee’ of stories told
Weaving quiet in between the
swallows dive and the turtle’s
scanning of the surface.

The sun burns the steam
The flowers give cause they must
All senses rises with this day
on soft brown skin that smells
of night dreams, lazed at water’s
edge calling me the luster of a
new day reaching for heaven

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28 july 2012  >  A Fools  kinda day.  



Morning my foolish ones.  And I mean that is the most playful of ways.  And dare I poke a foolish finger at you by gathering you into my cauldron of Fools for this day so we, if you so choose, can allow the magic of innocence to lead us.

What ever does the Geezer mean by that?  WElll… In this world full of rules and boundaries, (it’s good to have them), taking a small risk or two or three away from the standard flow of life can be most magical and rewarding.

Do something you’d normally not do.  See what happens if you….  or maybe you might…..  Or you could always……

Fill in those blanks and make magic happen.  Get out of your head in judgement of whether you should or shouldn’t.  As long you you harm noone and hold goodness and kindness in this sublime act of Foolishness, go ahead and jump.   Jump on into life’s sea of wonder and swim deep.

Oh… and how about those Olympics.  Not a foolish move there I tell ya.  All though some of those magnificent athletes probably started out pretty foolishly in their innocence of what they were getting themselves into they honed their prowess into something that makes our eyes sparkle and we become believers in the wonder of their magic.  I know I do.

So my friends… wether you have an unrequited passion or you are feeling like there is no passion in you at all; take a leap on in to the mystery of your life and see where the ‘fall’ drops you.   Go Ahead… I give you permission to act the Fool and find your magic.


Wrapped in foolishness

Hail magic’s invitation

I leap into life


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Well golly gee.  It’s already the end of July.  HOw did that happen?  I know they say life goes by fast as you age and this is down right crazy…  I wasn’t kidding when I spoke to the hour only having 37 minutes and we don’t even ‘get it’.   Clearly, time is an illusive illusion.

No time like this time

when it seem there is no

time at all spoken in a

timely fashion in the tic

toc tic of time passing.


Isn’t it time to…. and

then maybe time got lost

during the timeless event

of Infinity’s wrap around

the clock squeezing the

minutes out of 60 seconds.


Time is needed to get things

done in the a lotted proposal

of the days filled with 24

hours of not much time left

I mean really…cut the time

thing out of living and

chase the minutes away.


Just don’t look at the mirror

while age crawls all over you

and inside you youth is

waging war on your hormones

in want and desires to keep

you breathing forever no matter

how gravity pulls you down.


Time will take you to ash

or de-solve cause thats what

living here does to the body

Time is a stalker so get

friendly with your Reaper

and let her show you how to

swing on that scythe


I vote for timelessness and the

body electric’s dance across

multiple Galaxies with no

limitations and infinite

possibilities on other worlds

of green and sky and

triple moons and purple

grass and the imagination’s

folly to shape shift anywhere

in no time at all.







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Exposure.  letting in and giving deeper sharing.


Being seen beyond the facade

beyond the derma graphics

of life lived in technicolor

from story land


It’s all about the story in

the real and unreality

all tied together in layers

beyond the needled art.


The canvas fills up with

decades etched in spoken

passages, poetics of colored

symbols lay in silence


Some waking up to be shared

Most, a mystery to passerby’s

and the Unawakened wonder

in the Why of it


The visual drama spawns 

the curious, invites the brave

in for a closer view, pushes

away the fearful.


Adornment is like that

better found in a circus

or a museum, or in a cloister

off to the side being artists


Where safety lies in the

over here just far enough away

to stare and imagine what

lives under that skin






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sippy the coffee…  may even need more of the brew this a.m.  

How is everyone doing in these days that fly by like lightening strikes?  How are you staying centered and balanced?

Mercury is retrograde in Leo.  Geez …. what does all that mean anyway?  Read this article for a pretty good idea of what it ‘all’ means.  Or just google it.

I say, a little mindful, living and steady even breathing is a good way…


One way in.. or out

Backwards is no way to go

What passed by is gone as it came

if in it’s return it shows differently

in the circle unbroken.


I have no tail to swallow in my 

serpent ways only skin to shed

as transformation has it’s way

with me


And the path back is really

a path forward in the around, over, 

through of my orbit of living and 

dreaming the dream into being


Saturn has nothing on all my rings

with Mercury busy wording herself

backwards in tongues of fire

and spittle laughing


Out of my head and into the heart

of what matters in the go around

and the back to of the forward

motions of it.


I let the retrograde pause be a

meditation in the be here now

when taking action is motion

lead by love and light


To be present within the center

of the back and forth teasing

chaos into action cause it can



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Happy Birthday Boyfriend Alan.  This haiku is for you.



Spirit shining bright.

Rays of Sun light a warm heart

Golden glow love fest


Cherished heart treasure

Beyond Infinity’s Gate

I see you see me


Guitar strums your tune

Music heals the SunRay quest

In the Light you stand


Lucky me and you

Friends forever living chant

Stir the brew of life


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Zoom zoom go the days

in the illusion of the 60 minute

hour that laughs the time away


There is as much time as we need

there is hardly any time at all

Consider what it feels like to Be


Take a big breath in

feel it fill you up.

Stay with you breath

as you exhale it out.

Do this again

from your head

to your toes

stay in the moment

see how it goes.

Shed all your worries

as you let your breath

ease on out.  Release

the zoom of the day

shake it all out.

Do this again

Relax into the rhythm

of your breath

There is no time

like this moment

to be free of your stress






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and the poetics of the day…


Listen to the body speak

of it’s need, when the hard

lay down forces the moment

to pain and the ‘check in’ says

“Slow down.’

Body language is jabbing me

A steady pulse of bruised hurt

giving into the relax and let go.

Finding calm and pleasure

in a sweet connection cause

the stars are lining up just right.

Breathing in the goodness

Letting the Big Ouch have it’s time

till it passes and the Stars

praise with their Light.

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