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when there’s only 37 minutes in hour these days, July 1st got here real fast.  RIGHT?


Morning on Dease Lake


Heat rises high fast on the sheen

and sparkle of the Lake.

Not a branch, hardly a leaf

makes movement

even in my passing breath

or that of the wings of busy birds

making best of the early morning


It’s a quiet easy calm

a welcome peace for a city dweller

perfect for the quiet drift of

fishermen easing along the 

lake edges before the skis

and giant tires bob crazy

behind the speed boats


It will be a hot one on this

Sunny pour of summer

A real scorcher they say

I eat up this morning calm

fill up my body’s low reserve

hungry for the peace of it

Inhaling the sweet smell

of the land and the lake


I imagine a calm peace-full

world, with my old lazy dog

and the waft of breakfast

bacon, and the seeing glass

clear of Dease Lake and

of all this goodness right 

through to the other side of

the aching Earth


I imagine, I imagine

All life is good





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