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I let little sleep be enough.  Napping is in order later today, snuggled into the northern air, the smell of pine, and the warm breeze gentle across Dease Lake.  The calm in my body suggests I don’t do this enough.  Tomorrow is Full MOon in Capricorn.  I feel my emotions rise over the last three days, quick to give way to tears; some for sadness, some for the pure joy of Being present in the breath of northern exposure.

Loons are full of their call

Early to give it across the lake

Varied cadence that have meaning

to another Loon


It holds me to wonder if it is for love

or the call for warning to their chick

or is it to wake me to my senses

alerting me to the rising sun


I let it in as it mixes with the

song of other birds eager

to announce and claim the morning

I breathe it all in and fill up


Letting the breeze slip across

my body shifting my dreams

from night to day out of the stillness

that sleep pretends to give


This is a morning I wish not to end

as the minutes climb to noon

the birds change their tune

And I wonder what does it mean


to be crazy as a Loon?

I slide that wonder out across

the thin ripples on the lake,

care- less to the thought


Letting the moment have me



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